Are personal trainers really worth the money we pay for them?

In a word yes!

Personal trainers work with you to tailor a workout and an eating plan that is specific to you, not something that’s been generalised based on your gender or your age. They also take into account any injury, illness or health concerns you may have, modifying exercises where possibly to suit your physical abilities not cutting them out completely.

They can also be greatly beneficial if you are training for a particular sport or event such as a marathon. If you’re working towards general health and fitness a personal trainer will be able to work with you to set realistic goals. They will be constant motivation and non-judgemental support while still holding you accountable and making you stick to your program.

Personal trainers come with a wealth of knowledge and can provide you with a fresh perspective on general health and nutrition as well as exercise. They will also be able to teach you how to work out safely. With so many machines and so many different way to exercises its easy to do yourself an injury. A personal trainer will be able to teach you how to use equipment and perform exercises in order to minimise the risk of injury.

Ever thought to yourself 30minutes is not enough time to do a proper workout? Well a personal trainer knows how to maximise time effectively so that you get the most out of your workouts even if you have a 30 minute block. You will not get bored working with a personal trainer, instead you will be offered varied and always challenging workouts.

A good personal trainer is so much more than one person yelling “drop and give me 20” and really are worth every dollar!


The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training has been around for many years and the combination of cardiovascular and resistance training has proven to be an effective form of cross training. The basic idea behind circuit training is to isolate muscle groups through resistance training using both equipment and body weight while incorporating aerobic exercises with minimal breaks in between.

Working through a circuit taking 10-30 second breaks in between exercises means that you maintain an elevate heart rate throughout your workout as a result increasing cardiovascular stamina while the resistance training works on gaining muscle and increasing strength.

Circuit training is based on intervals alternating between working periods and rest periods. The quick bursts of energy maximises the amount of calories burnt throughout working sets. While the resulting increased intake of oxygen increases the amount of calories that continue to burn post exercise.

Circuit training is a great way to maximise output in a minimal amount of time, making this style of training an excellent option for these short on time. Working all areas of the body in one training session also means that separate cardio and weight sessions are unnecessary.

Along with the physical and health benefits of Circuit training it can also stimulate the mind as the constant changing of activity keeps boredom at bay and the constant options to vary workouts keeps you motivated.

Circuit training can appeal to those seeking weight loss, muscle gain and overall fitness. So book in a session and we can show you how it’s done.



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The World’s Greatest Shave Fundraiser


One thing we are passionate about at Vital Health and Fitness is helping people. Not only in training but also in trying to raise money for charity. We have done a couple of little things in the past, but we wanted to step it up a bit.

We were trying to think of ways to help charities and it just so happened that one of our clients (Chris Drabble) had actually registered for The World’s Greatest Shave. So we had a great idea of running a charity bootcamp. We gave ourselves a goal of $1000.

We tried to get as many people involved as possible. Silent auctions were organized, the workouts were written and the word was spread. It was amazing how many people got behind us by donating and helping us out. We had over 60 people participate in the bootcamp and everyone seemed to love it. We can’t thank people enough for their dedication and desire to help those in need. By the end of the workouts and the auctions we managed to raise just over $2000. We are absolutely blown away by the amazing effort form everyone to raise money for a great charity.

This has only made us hungrier to do more. We have decided to do at least one or two charity events a year from now on. The support from everyone has been humbling and has shown us at Vital Health and Fitness that a lot of people out there are willing to help a good cause. We look forward to bringing the community more charity event and for people to help us make them even bigger and better. We would like to thank everyone that came and everyone that donated. We see you all as a part of the Vital Health and Fitness family now.



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