Importance of Rest in Training


Working at a gym you see a lot of people there every day doing the same thing. Yet these people don’t get the results they want. Why do you think that is? I am going to do my best to try and explain the reasoning behind it.

The main reason for this is that these people don’t give their muscles enough time to recover. When you work out your muscle fibres stretch and are being broken down, as you rest these fibres begin to heal and build more muscle. Most people think that to put on muscle they need to constantly work those muscles. The fact is that these muscles need that healing time otherwise the fibres just keep breaking down and don’t have the opportunity to rebuild.

Giving your body rest also:

  • Prevents injury
  • Strengthens the muscles
  • Avoids fatigue and burn out
  • Speeds up weight loss
  • Improves performance during workouts
  • Strengthens the immune system

As I have said before, the more muscle your body has the more calories you burn. The important part of this to take in is that if you don’t give your body the time it needs to heal then it won’t build as much muscle. Remember the body builds muscle during rest. Your body will give you hints that it needs a break. Some of these hints will be muscle soreness, lack of strengthen, cramps, quick fatigue and many more, so make sure you listen to your body and take that time to rest.

So remember that rest is a very important factor in getting those results that you want. Whether it be losing weight, bulking up or toning. So give your body the time it needs. It will thank you for it and will help you get where you want to be a lot faster.



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